Just a few days after the New Year the questions were sent to the singer of The Gathering, Anneke van Giersbergen, and here is our short but valuable interview now.

Hello Anneke, thank you for the consent to answer my questions. First of all, better late than never, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! How did you and other members of the band spend these holidays?

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The past year brought us two great releases where Richard Lederer took part in: Summoning’s “Oath Bound” and Die Verbannten Kinder Evas’ “Dusk And Void Became Alive”. I had an opportunity to talk to Richard. The conversation was about music, art and photography. Richard told his opinion on Dead Can Dance, current state of things in music and much more...
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Finally ThyDoom can offer its readers an interview with the Irish doomsters Mourning Beloveth, where Darren, band’s singer, speaks about problems of EU expansion, secrets of band’s longevity, and of course their music.

It is not a secret that Ireland is one of not so numerous countries that provides the citizens of newly accepted members of the EU with the working permit, which in its turn brought quite a number of foreigners to Ireland. Does it bother you that your country is being nearly invaded by these people or do you feel comfortable with the situation?

Darren: Well I don’t think it is the fault of the people coming in to our country but maybe it is our Governments fault for being so lenient in letting so many people in to our country as some bring with them disease and crime but this is in every country. For years the Irish have roamed the world to other so maybe now it is our turn but I can foresee many problems as the jobs now are not so numerous as before and employers are taking on Eu nationals at a fraction of the cost an Irish worker charges and this will cause trouble. It also seems that many come to this country not to add to the society but rather to bleed it dry and this is also shit. I think if we become more strict on who we let in everything would be fine but this will not happen……
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It started as Wintermute at the late 90's,the line up was Noid-keyboards, Z-vox, Evi-keyboards, they took part in the compilation "a tribute to Cure" released by the german label Equinoxe Records, covering cure's most experimental and gloomy song Pornografhy, later on Evi leaves the band and Wintermute release 2 demo cd's, they start contacting labels in order to sign a contract, at the same time Noid is touring around the world with the infamous Rotting Christ which he was a member of for 7 years, Z also at the time was the keyboard player for Septic Flesh and Horrified, at the right timing the duo changed it's name to Siva Six and signed a record contract with Decadance Records, after 12 months of hard working in the studio the birth of their debut cd Rise New Flesh is a fact

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Emotions are a part of human life. Deep emotions are the privilege of the intellectually distinguished. So different in their texture, the emotions comprise the Astral Body of a human being. This Body is constantly developing, morphing into various shapes, and today it takes the Shape of Despair.

We thank Jarno Salomaa who took pains to answer our longish questions.
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Thanks to the kind permission of Dutch webzine Lords of Metal ThyDoom has a unique opportunity of presenting its readers an interview with the Irish Morgul.
Morgul for many years now has been a strange but good exception in the black metal scene. Recently the new album All Dead Here... saw the light of day through Season of Mist. A quality record which, although alienating and original, was very easy to digest. Reason enough to e-mail mainman Jack D. Ripper some questions. Too bad his capslock key got stuck while answering them…

For the people who don't know [b]Morgul could you give them a brief introduction to who you are and what Morgul is about? [/b]

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1. Lets start with the announcement of the current official line-up:

Iskandar Hasnawi, Sébastien Roland and Renaud Tschirner: various instruments, sound-design, programming, mixing. David Kempf: violin, orchestral direction. Esteri Rémond: soprano. Lyrics by Hasnawi. Music and vocals by Hasnawi and Tschirner.

2. Tell us please the last news from ELEND?

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Hello, Vratyas! My first question about your last album. What does the last album mean to you personally?

The last album does mean the same to me as every other album or demo. All the songs created under the banner of Falkenbach dohave the same value to me, there is no more or less important album, song or what so ever.

And can you please decipher the word Falkenbach for us?

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The venerable black metal band Ancient originated in 1992 as a solo project for Aphazel, who has remained the one constant amidst numerous changes over the years both in lineups and in home countries (originating in Norway, the band spent some time in the US and now calls Italy home). Stylistically, Ancient is first and foremost a black metal band, enough so that they have been described in the past as either generic or copyists. While it is true that much of their work does come across as traditional, basic black metal, labelling them copycats is a bit strong. Moreover, the band has grown immeasurably over the years, especially when placing their debut Svartalheim, with its minimalist old-school values, next to their recent Promixa Centauri, clearly their most adventurous and least generic effort yet. Yes, most of their albums do little to expand the genre, but Ancient is still an accomplished band worthy of attention, and if nothing else serve as fine representatives of black metal.

First of all, Aphazel, I'd like to ask you how are the matters with the band?

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Greetings, Peter. How are you doing?
First, let’s talk about the new album—The New Light. This album seems to be connected with the 10th anniversary of the band. Can we call The New Light a kind of a report on the last 10 years?

Yes, I guess that could be a way of viewing it. I have mixed old unreleased songs, songs of alternative recordings, new remixes and new songs. You can hear how the sound of Arcana has grown from the first sounds to what it is today.

What has laid foundation for this album? Were these the medieval themes?

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06 октября клуб ХО -  Evil Not Alone, Medulla, DeepRessiЯ!Музыкальный лейбл Life Music представляет:  Можно сказать , что 6 октября Октябрь будет жарким! Тяжелый раскат гитар, мощные рифы и мелодии! Потрясающие текста и просто драйв! Вот что вас ждет 6 октября в клубе «ХО». Не пропускайте такое событие ибо специально для вас группа Evil Not Alone исполнит свои лучшие шлягеры и новинки! Вам не даст просто стоять на месте со своими хитами группа Medulla. И не оставит Вас равнодушными к лирики и современному звучанию группа DeepRessiЯ. 6 октября вас ждет весьма зажигательный и драйвовый вечер в клубе «ХО» Приходите, тусите о отрывайтесь по полной!

Эvadam  Grabar - осенний тур по Украине

В сентябре - октябре 2011 в поддержку дебютного сингла,Эvadam Grabar стартует с концертным туром по Украине, который захватит Харьков, Донецк, Симферополь, Днепропетровск, Киев и Львов.

9 октября 2011 клуб «Plan B» Фактор Страха и Театр Теней!

9 октября 2011 года в клубе «Plan B» ты можешь окунутся в мир метала и тяжелой музыки! Только 9 октября для тебя выступят группы как ФАКТОР СТРАХА и ТЕАТР ТЕНЕЙ!!! Только 9 октября ты сможете услышать все хиты и главное новые мощные и сочные композиции! Так же музыкальный лейбл Life Music  готовит для тебя массы сюрпризов!!!

Главное – следите за новостями!!!

Концерт пройдет в рамках знаменитого фестиваля "Планета Железяка"!


В концерте принимают участие группы:

18 июня группа ЛЕГИОН в клубе "Шоколадная фабрика"

Всем Фанатам группы ЛЕГИОН, и просто любителям тяжелой музыки посвящается!  18 июня в клубе «Шоколадная фабрика»  группа ЛЕГИОН специально для Вас даст свой последний в этом сезоне концерт! Специально для Вас группа исполнит  свои новинки и конечно свои же хиты! Все это в полноценном сете!!! И это еще не все!  Для Вас в подарок – эксклюзивный плакат группы и обязательно - автограф сессия с группой ЛЕГИОН!



Группа HACKMESSER и клуб ROCK HOUSE представляют самые интересные и перспективные группы прошедшего года на первом уникальном фестивале HACKMESSER FEST!

В фестивале участвуют:






15, 16, 17 июля байк фест IRON FEOREST-3!!!

Зачем торчать в городе летом? Приходите, а если есть мотоцикл то приезжайте на байк-рок фестиваль "Iron Forest III" 15 июля, 16 июля и 17 июля 2011 года. Третий фестиваль проводимый Байк клубами Красногорска а именно Blacksmiths MS RussiaNorthwest Brothers MCC Krasnogorsk и Музыкальным Лэйблом LIFE MUSIC!

Приходите и приезжайте к нам на все три дня! Вас ждут выступления множества интересных групп, среди которых такие группы как:








Crowbar - "Sever the Wicked Hand" 20111. Isolation (Desperation
2. Sever the Wicked Hand
3. Liquid Sky and Cold Black Earth
4. Let Me Mourn
5. The Cemetery Angels
6. As I Become One
7. A Farewell to Misery
8. Protectors of the Shrine
9. I Only Deal in Truth
10. Echo an Eternity
11. Cleanse Me, Heal Me
12. Symbiosis
Дефицит настоящего stoner doom metal возникший при всем богатстве медлительных композиторов России стал очевиден, когда украинские братья (один из которых поминался всуе при рецензировании ambient проекта Voida) силами продвинутой троицы вынесли на суд слушателей, после многочисленных концертных выступлений – во всяком случае, мне они попадались на афишах с завидной регулярностью – свой первый альбом.
The Sisterhood - "Gift" 19861. Jihad
2. Colours
3. Giving Ground
4. Finland Red, Egypt White
5. Rain From Heaven
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