SONIC SYNDICATE (Robin Sjunnesson) - September 2008 (Интервю Eng)
Hello! It would be an inexcusable mistake not to congratulate you with the release of your new album therefore this is what I am going to do now. So I’ve got a question of this matter – what fo you feel after all this hard work with the new songs and within the studio is finished and soon all your fans will be able to get into new long-expected effort of yours?

It feels great that the record is ready to be released now. We've been working so goddamned hard in the studio and really put in alot of time to the band this last year. We're workoholics when it comes to our band, we try to stay on top of all things and just keep the hard work upgoing. It feels great that all the fans, pretty soon, will get the album in their hands and listen to it, and for us it will be cool to see what everyone has to say about it. All the reviews I've seen so far has been amazing and that feels really good.

Before I started to manage questions for this interview, I had listened to the promo of “Love And Other Disasters”. Well, it obviously and logically continues the line, started by “Only Inhuman” – actually, it is released just a year after that one. Does that mean this new work includes all the unused material from the previous or does this similarity emerge from the fact you’ve found your own niche in which you’re going to stay in future?

I would say that the new album is all new material and nothing that got " left overs" from Only Inhuman. For the first time in our career, we've worked together when it comes to writing new material, instead of this ego bullshit like just one in the band writing all the songs. This worked out great and we will probably continue the same way of creating new music. Alot of people thinks that we're having problems just because we're six people in the band, and everyone worked together this time, but I would say that it's just possitive to be six people in the band because everyone is listening to diffrent kind of music, so the inputs are very diverced and really great.

We can see some transformer here, on the cover art of “Love And Other Disasters” – as well as it was on the cover of “Only Ihuman”. Who has made this artworks (if this was one man, which is most possible) and what is the meaning of such images?

I love the artwork on both albums. I think that they are unique and really really cool. It's a man who've done it, but unfortuntley I can't remember the name for the moment, haha. We wanted the new album artwork to be like a second part of the first one. Our music on " Love and other Disasters" took one step up to a higher level and evolute alot, so we wanted it to reflect on the artwork. The evolution of the fly became more of an robotic human machine, or whatever. The guy on the cover is pretty cute if you ask me, haha.

What was your first actions after those news you had won Nuclear Blast contest? And what do you feel now, under such a mighty care? Does the label influence what you’re playing somehow? Maybe people from there tell you what to include in your music and what to exclude from it?

We went out partying directly when we signed the contract. It was the best time, man. To be signed to a fucking big label like Nuclear Blast is really a dream coming true. It still feels great to be signed to Nuclear Blast, but only thing that are a bit bugging is that everyone is talking about this contest. I mean, the contest went exactly like how you get a contract anyway, without a contest. You record a demo, send it in and hopefully you'll get signed. That was the same with this contest. Nuclear Blast are great, they have never asked or told us how to write music, or " You guys should sound like this or that" . They trust us 100% and that feels great. Sonic Syndicate and Nuclear Blast Records are probably having one of the best Label-Band relationship in the world.

Your lyrics are connected with love topic in one or another way. Is this a reference to some personal experience? By the way, there surely are some nice and interesting metaphors and shapes in it. Do you fit your lyrics to the music or vice versa? What meaning do you impart into the lyrics?

Richard, one of the vocalists, is writting all the lyrics. He's pretty deep in some of them and really personal. They are all about his personaly experience and also from his point of view to, for an example, the world. He always writes the lyrics after the music is done, and that works perfectly.

As a true patriot of my country I will ask you about your gigs here. What are your impressions (I hope they’re positive in the end), what were the brightest moments here, in Russia? Maybe you remember some funny things that happened to you and which you are not ashamed to tell our reader of? And also I want to ask about the cancelled gig in St. Petersburg – what happened then, some troubles with organizers here? Do you have some plans of fixing that disappointing misunderstanding and coming here supporting your new album?

The first expectations we had, was that there will be no people in moscow just because we've never played there before and didn't knew anything about the pre-sales and stuff like that. When we arrived in moscow, the most friendliest people ever came and picked us up on the airport and they told us that the pre-sales were really good for the show the day after that. We thought they said so just to be nice to us. But when we started the intro for the live show, and we heard the whole audience, we thought that it was a joke. The place were closed to sold out and it was a pretty big place. That show was probably the best and most memorial shows we've ever done. The audience were crazy in us, we had to have 5-6 security guys on stage because the audience really tried to pull us done, girls came up on stage to kiss us and it was just a crazy feeling. We had to cancle the St.Petersburg show for some reason which I dont remember, but we will sure come back to Russia again. We miss Russia and that crazy feeling we had.

You are believed to belong to the new wave of Swedish melodic death metal, how do you think, what was the reasons for this new branch of melodic death to rise? Because we can see even classic Gothenburg bands like In Flames or Dark Tranquillity strayed from the path of that old mdm and chose more modern way to walk instead of shaping good old sound of them?

I would say that the "Gothenburg Sound", as we call it in here in Sweden, is develop to a new shape, if you ask me. I would say that we're blending this Gothenburg Sound with alot of different genres (Not just metal). So I would say that Sonic Syndicate are taking this genre to the next level. We're moderizing this genre and make it wider and more diverced. I think that bands like Dark Tranquillity and In Flames are thinking the same way. Alot of people call In Flames sell-outs as soon as they released their album Reroute to Remain, they just wanted to do something different from what they've done before. This genre is defenility start to being more popular here in Sweden and rest of Europe.

Your new clip, “Jack Of Diamonds”, appears to be, to put it mildly, quite unusual. Who is the author of the idea of such an outright video? One could get easily bewitched by the abundance of the women’s beauties! Is there some kind of uncensored version to come?

You like our girls, right? haha. I think it was actually me and Roland who was the masterminds behind this great idea. Patric Ulleaus, who was the director, did a hell of a good job and personally I think that it's one of the best videos ever. I've always wanted a Video which are not a normal " metal video" . If you mute the sound when you watch the video, it could even be a Hip Hop video, if you know what I mean. We love motocross, Lamborghini cars and Girls, so why not mixture all this and make one of the best videos ever? Haha there's no uncensored version that we will release, it will only be for ourselves then haha.

I have witnessed a violent dispute about your new album recently, people argued about whether it is metal or alternative or even pop music actually. What can you say on this topic by yourself? Where do you refer youselves?

I think it's great in a way that they are discussing which genre we play. We are a very open minded band which are blending everything from alternative radio rock/pop to metal. Maybe it's being a little bit to much when almost all the comments to our videos on youtube are about which genre we're playing and shit like that.

Would you agree to make a soundtrack to a film or movie if you get one? If yes, what genre would you prefer? What are you attitude to mass-media production in general and which of them do you like most?

I love movies, I always watch it. It's even a movie on now here in background when I'm answering your questions, haha. I would be really happy if we got the chance to record a soundtrack to a movie, that would also be a dream coming true. I would probably prefer a comedy movie or a horror movie. I love horror movies, I've been watching and loving it since I was like four years old when I stole my best friend dad's FREDDY KRUEGER movie. Why I also would prefer to do a soundtrack to a comedy movie is because all theese soundtracks to american high school comedy movies contains alot of great bands and great music.

Does anyone of you believe in existence of other worlds (alien civilizations, parallel universes etc.)? Imagine a situation – you meet one of the beings of such a world, and he (probably gesturing with his tentacles or maybe with something else) asks for a brief digression about our world. Like: to tell some words about it, to listen to some of it’s music, which represents the human civilization most and which can be a worthy example of all mankind ever created – what are your versions?

Haha that is a really good question, haven't got that kind of question before. I believe in everything; Aliens, Ghost, Santa Claus, yeah you name it. To say stuff about this world to this Alien Guy would be hard I think. I would give him our new album and a cd which our new music video is on, I think that that would be enough for him to realize how great it is here, hehe.

Let’s move on with some trite questions – had anyone of you had some dreams in the beginning of your way as the musicians which came true afterwards? What does the music itself mean for everyone of you, do you devote youself to it completely or is it just a hobby?

I would say that alot of thoose dreams we had in the beginning have come true now. Our dreams and goals were to release albums on a big label and play for thousands of fans, and all that is done. Our goal and dream for now on is just to stay on top and keep the band together for so long. This is not just a hobby, it is our full-time job and probably the best job we can have. A dream coming true, and then turns to a job is a great feeling and I wouldn't change my place to any other job there is.

And what do members of Sonic Syndicate listen by themselves in meantime? By the way, what tribute you would like to take part in? And speaking about projects, not refered to the band, does anyone have some ideas which he or she cannot (or just doesn’t want) to implement in Sonic Syndicate’s music, and for which he or she is going to manage a side-project?

As I've mention a couple of times now, we're a very open-minded band. We're really listen to everything and anything. When we make mixed cd's for the tour bus, it can be tracks from Pink to Cradle of filth, My Chemical Romance to Dimmu Borgir. We love all music which has a potential to be good, as we say. When I get home from a full month tour, I love just sit down on my ass and watch MTV for a couple of hours. If you're away that long with just metal bands, it's great to take a paus from that genre when you get home. A tribute compilation would be really cool to be on. I would love to be on a tribute to Alice Cooper since he has been my favorite artist for 15 years

Well, it seems that’s the end of questions – the most intriguing ones have already been asked, and I guess there’s no sense to ask some questions non-related to music (or maybe there is? Probably it’s so boring – to answer all these similar questions like “Your plans about the future?”…). Any farewell word for russian readers?

Haha it's my job to answer that kind of question, but of course it's more fun to answer weird questions about Aliens and stuff like that haha. I want the Russian fans to know that we love them, you were really kickass the last time and hope to see you all again. Thanks for all the mails we get and keep up the support because it's people like you who still keeps us alice! Thanks! Nazdrovija!
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