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DIABLO (Rainer Nygard) - June 2008 ( Eng)
On Sauna Open Air festival I met Rainer Nygard from DIABLO. What is Sauna Open Air? - Big and really nice metal festival in Tampere, Finland, holded every year in June. What is Diablo? - one of the great Finnish bands, they play since 1990, and did some number of great shows, including with Metallica, and this year they released admirable album "Icaros". Check it out, and check our interesting talk with Rainer:

Simple story about ordinary guy

Lucky: How did Diablo become such famous band? Whats your secret? Can you say that after some special day you woke up famous?
Rainer Nygard: It takes a lot of hard work. Thats basic and simple story behind our success in Finland. But in 1999 there was a kind of situation to do something to our music. We cut off some parts of songs which are not necessary, you know. We produced our material. We woke up and set ourselves that we have to do something, because there was so progressive stuff at that time. We started to make songs in more simple way. That was a big step for us. After that we just concentrated on making better songs for every record.

Lucky: What does mean better for you?
Rainer: We tried to overtop ourselves, you know The song is a big big picture. There are lyrics, and a feeling, and notes, and riffs, and so on. We tried to make better songs, which we like best. We dont think about audience, about people who buy our records, we only think about ourselves. That is that secret!

Lucky: So you can advise to young bands just to work hard
Rainer: Yes, yes. And trust yourself, and do your own stuff! Dont try to copy anyone else.

Lucky: As I know, you work with some indie label?
Rainer: Yes, Sakara.
Lucky: Why? Dont you want to work with some major?
Rainer: Because when were doing with a little firm, theres a little theme, and to make connections to everyone is easier, and guys are very enthusiastic (what a word, I cant pronounce it now!), theyre living so hard in that firm, so we trust them.

Lucky: Do you like to communicate with fans? Out of the stage, I mean.
Rainer: Of course! Of course. If someone wants to talk with me at the gig of course, if I have enough time, its ok.

Lucky: You play almost at every Finnish summer festival.
Rainer: Yeah.
Lucky: Its quite hot weather, isnt it hard?
Rainer: Yes it is, very hard, if youre playing at noon. But fortunately this summer our schedule is so that we start about 10 p.m. or something. And its big relief us, because playing that kind of heavy metal is quite hard job to do on stage.

Lucky: Do you play just summer festivals?
Rainer: Yes. Just one club gig in Tavastia, Helsinki, but after that all summer goes in summer festivals. And when the autumn comes, then we make some club gigs. But Im not sure yet, therere few plans that well go to Europe to play (maybe) as a support band.

Lucky: Have you played in Europe a lot?
Rainer: Like 10 times No, no 15 gigs! 15 or something, but very little. So far, so far!
Lucky: Of course :) What country did you like most?
Rainer: We have only played in Germany and Estonia. Both countries are fine! :) Estonian people are funny, because they are talking like us, but I dont understand what theyre saying! [laughs] Like, whiskey is vodka, you know, words mean different things than in Finland. But they sound exactly the same!

Lucky: You played with Metallica.
Rainer: Yes.
Lucky: Is there in the world some other big band with whom youd like to play?
Rainer: Maybe Testament or Megadeth. Id like to meet Dave Mustein. Because hes a kind of cryptic person, you know. Some people say that he is very difficult person, and other say that he is not. I think it would be nice to meet him some day, and check it by myself!

Lucky: Do you compose songs specially for albums?
Rainer: Yes, yes. The main songwriter for the music is Marko, he makes like 90% of music. He makes it his way He doesnt think about albums. He makes some demos and together we choose the best ones, which we like. And then I try to write lyrics to those songs. I write with the feeling, I listen that music and I just write, write with the feeling.

Lucky: But do you have some unreleased material?
Rainer: No. No. We make music only for the records. Because the bands who make like 40 songs to one record, the rest of that stuff which didnt end up in the record, - its mostly certain shit. Im pretty sure about that. Why waste time to make worse songs?

Lucky: Oh, yes!.. Do you like show-business part of a being musician: photo sessions, interviews, signing, so on?
Rainer: Yeah, signing is ok. Interviews are ok. But photo sessions and video sessions are shit. I dont like them.
Lucky: Why?
Rainer: A, Im waiting and waiting and waiting and posing Im bad guy [laughs] and so on.
Lucky: Why wouldnt you make fun photos?
Rainer: We make! During this photo session, which we made for Icaros album, we took one shot where all of us were laughing. And the picture is good. Its funny. Its on Sakaras website.

Lucky: By the way, your website is only in Finnish, why?
Rainer: Because its so little going in other world, so we think well put the story in English when its necessary. At this moment its not. Theres MySpace.com, and there is some English stuff, and on our own website theres a link to German site.

Lucky: How is it going with album in Europe?
Rainer: Our record company has just found ways and the new album is going to be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and theyre negotiating and checking out if they can make the tour in Europe next autumn.
Lucky: And what about Russia?
Rainer: Maybe someday, when someone just pays enough. So we will come

Lucky: Are you expensive band?
Rainer: No, no. But actually last December we were supposed to come to Moscow, but promoter for some reason wanted to postpone the date for January or February, and we said no, no, thanks, because we are in the studio that moment. But maybe some day. Wed like to come to Russia! Because we know where people and fans are so into metal and they like it!

Lucky: Do you feel yourself in the vein of sex-drugs-rocknroll? Is it your style?
Rainer: Nooo! Im Im ordinary guy! Of course, when I have enough free time, I like to take few beers and vodka or something But I have my day job, and my family, I like them very much. Music stuff is a hobby for me. Very dear hobby, you know. Im ordinary guy.

Lucky: What is your day job?
Rainer: Im a foreman in garage, we repair Volvos. I have been foreman for 10 years now. But I like to work at normal day job. It keeps you your feet on the ground. You know what the real life is. I dont like that night life in rocknroll bars and so on. Its so so lame! [laughs]

Lucky: Do you have children?
Rainer: Not yet.
Lucky: But would you like? :)
Rainer: My fiancé says, she is wanting a kid and getting married, and so on, but we are planning [laughs]

Lucky: Dont you earn enough money for living by music? Can you some day change your day job and music, so first will be just hobby and second becomes a job?
Rainer: I can change, but its different question if I like it. But if recording are selling enough, I can stop my day job like for 2 or 3 or 4 years, and then come back if Id like to.

Lucky: And what about other Diablo musicians?
Rainer: Same thing, same thing. Our live guitarist is just getting his second child, and hes working at very responsible job, in Stockmann We have our own lives, and we have our music lives. And theyre doing together very well at the moment.

Lucky: Do you know any Russian bands?
Rainer: Unfortunately, not. But that Eurovision song contest winner it was awful Ah, I remember one Gorky Park!

Lucky: Can you know remember some funny cases from studio work or concerts?
Rainer: Studio work is just work. Theres no big things going, but on gigs, there was a funny case on Tuska 2 years ago, when I had to go to pee before the gig, but unfortunately the monitors on the stage there were some misconnections in wires. And I didnt have enough time to go to mens room. And so first part of the gig was oh-hohoho! But I was lucky that it went over.

Lucky: What do you like more, studio work or concerts?
Rainer: Concerts, of course. Studio work is just putting your ideas on the tape. Theres nothing really mixing going on. Its just hard work. Try to sing right, on the right notes, and play right notes, so on. Its just work. But making those songs in the very beginning, when youre making riffs and playing with the ideas - thats funny. That is the soul of the things. Making something new, creating something new.

Lucky: Does it take long time?
Rainer: Yes. With last tape it took 2 years to make a record.
Lucky: And composing songs?
Rainer: When were working hard, we need like 8 months. When you have basic ideas, it takes approximately 8 months until youre ready to go to studio. Because were making the music in our free time, because we have those jobs and so on, we dont have unlimited time. We have to work in evenings, weekends and so on.

Lucky: Can it be sometimes that you sit with music all the night, composing, writing lyrics?
Rainer: Yeees. Just before the studio. I dont do anything, I come home and then start to write. Its quite hard job to do, because youre already tired and then you have to get some energy from somewhere to make the job.

Lucky: How do you find themes and subjects for lyrics?
Rainer: With the new record, Icaros album, I remembered my childhood, one old Finnish movie, and that I is the big picture of the whole record. And I borrowed that DVD from the library, and watched it again, and my fiancé bought this DVD 8 killing bullets. Its based on the real story, very tragic, which happened in Finland in 1969.

Lucky: I though Icaros has some connection with Ancient Greece story?
Rainer: Yes, but the title song is a different story. Because when Marko gave me the idea of that music, Ive just heard the Icaros in chorus. Ive just heard it, then I wrote the song under that name. This particular song has nothing to do with whole big thing on the Icaros album. Because I made one song, Icaros, I thought that it must have something with that old Greek legend. But the lyrics itself are quite universal. Theres no connection to the time or place. I think! And I hope! :)

Lucky: So do you like psychological and philosophical themes? Or sometimes theres no big sense?
Rainer: Within every song theres some meaning. But when I have lyrics ready, the original idea have blurred, you know. It changed to something else. So often I laugh after I wrote lyrics: OK, its like this! But anyway I like all of my songs.

Lucky: Journalists ask you about your music, lyrics and everything. Is it difficult to analyze everything?
Rainer: Yeah! Because if you ask some question, I give you some answer. But if I go home and think that question again, answer may be different, you know. Because questions can came like from behind the tree: oh, really?! What can I say, you know.

Lucky: Ok, your plans for future.
Rainer: Making great shows, having good time with our tour crew, making people happy on the gigs, and and maybe some rest, and maybe planning new songs. Maybe.

Lucky: Often in music of bands with similar style we cant hear particular words. In Diablo case we can listen not only music but also lyrics. How do you make it? Whats your secret?
Rainer: Do you know the band Death? Chuck Schuldiner (RIP) was my inspiration by music also. I like his style, because he pronounces clearly, at least at his last records. And Pantera also. Im not a big fan of Pantera, but I like the style of singing. He makes things with crunch. You can hear words. Theres absolutely no secret. I would say that its also some kind of a talent. You just have to know what youre doing, and thinking in a whole mixing, its a question of your own mind. I mean, you cannot teach. If you ask me if I can teach you to sing like I do, - I cannot. Because I dont know how I do it. I just feel myself and go on. Eh, I dont know. But something like that.

Lucky: Is there something I didnt ask, but you would like to add?
Rainer: Eh How can you sing and play together.
Lucky: Oh, is it difficult?
Rainer: Yes! Try it. Yesterday we played 4 new songs. Guess how many hours I have practiced to make them live?
Lucky: Mmm, maybe 5 rehearsals?
Rainer: Five, no! It took over 100 hours to practice. Yes, playing is easy, singing is easy, but if youre doing those things together, properly, it takes 4 songs over 100 hours.
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