Mourning Beloveth Interview - September 2005 (Интервю Eng)
Finally ThyDoom can offer its readers an interview with the Irish doomsters Mourning Beloveth, where Darren, band’s singer, speaks about problems of EU expansion, secrets of band’s longevity, and of course their music.

It is not a secret that Ireland is one of not so numerous countries that provides the citizens of newly accepted members of the EU with the working permit, which in its turn brought quite a number of foreigners to Ireland. Does it bother you that your country is being nearly invaded by these people or do you feel comfortable with the situation?

Darren: Well I don’t think it is the fault of the people coming in to our country but maybe it is our Governments fault for being so lenient in letting so many people in to our country as some bring with them disease and crime but this is in every country. For years the Irish have roamed the world to other so maybe now it is our turn but I can foresee many problems as the jobs now are not so numerous as before and employers are taking on Eu nationals at a fraction of the cost an Irish worker charges and this will cause trouble. It also seems that many come to this country not to add to the society but rather to bleed it dry and this is also shit. I think if we become more strict on who we let in everything would be fine but this will not happen……

One doesn’t have to be of a brilliant mind to see that most of the bands prefer English as the language for their lyrics. However, not all of them had mastered it before using this wonderful means of communication. As native speakers: what do you feel and think about people whose lyrics cannot be called stylistically complete, if I may say so, or even grammatically correct?

Darren: I listen to a lot of foreign bands and I think the not so exact English ads a subtle charm to some classic releases, I don’t think perfect English bothers me at all as I rather go for the feeling and passion behind those lyrics

You’ve mentioned in your bio that with the release of the Sullen Sulcus you’ve managed to shake off the MDB tag. Did you find comparing you with MDB unjust? Or you just wanted to be on your own, so to say…?

Darren: I don’t know if I found it unjust but it did seem an easy thing for journalists to compare us with but if you listen to our music we have never had any gothic/romantic leanings or anything like that and we had two distinct vocals in the band so I think it was just easy for some people because we played slow doom/death that we would obviously be like MDB…well it was I suppose an honour in the beginning to be compared to MDB as they are quite a big band but we always had our own thing and we still do and now people are recognizing that

What were the reasons for re-release of Dust in 2003?

Darren: Well we released Dust ourselves in 2002 and printed 1000 copies and so when we had none left our friend Brian at Sentinel said he would pay the next printing costs and release it officially through Sentinel so we got some more press that we could not cover ourselves first time round

Another question concerning Dust: the first variant contained a hidden track, Sinistra. Why did you decide to hide this track? I always wonder, when bands do that, why do they hide the track. You hide something when you don’t want anyone to find it. Did you want to conceal this song from your listeners? In that case, including it in your album was a big mistake in the first place, heh 

Darren: Ha…well we most of us smoke and so when a cd is finished playing nobody every seems to want to get up to change the cd and so it just stops so we decided that this riff we had wouldn’t fit anywhere in a song and it was too good to leave out so that riff is dedicated to all the smokers out there…..and it has also become our intro when we play live

You can definitely be called a very lucky band, because you seem to have escaped problems with the line-up. Well, you’ve mentioned just one temporary problem, which occurred during a tour, but otherwise, the line-up has been the same since the very beginning…which makes almost 13 years. Congratulations on that! In connection to this two questions. The first one -> what’s your secret?

Darren: Well we all live in the same area and we are friends and so when we started the band we didn’t know what we wanted to do, we just wanted to play metal and it turned out to be doom…it has all been a fun experience for us. Brian did leave for a period a few years ago when he was having some problems and we could not replace him so he came back about a year later we drink and play metal together so there is not much else after that

And the second one is—aren’t you tired of each other, esp. when you are on a tour and are obliged to see each other every single day for several weeks?

Darren: Oh yeah we do get tired with each other, fight-say sorry and continue…I mean we spent 4 weeks on a cramped bus driving round America and that probably broke us mentally but we know when to give each other space and when not to..haha. I think we have been doing it so long now that if we didn’t have it we would have no outlet for all the negative shit that goes on in our lives

Having released Murderous Circus this year, what are your further plans? A banal question, I understand, let’s make it a bit more complicated. Your band has been in the music business for quite a long time, so you probably know all the ropes etc. So does any of you consider establishing your own studio, for example, or say organising a concert agency, or perhaps a label?

Darren: Well we have done a few gigs in Europe this year already in France, Portugal and Greece to come along with Holland, then sit down and write some new material, we have signed with Grau for another 3 albums so we will just keep playing and recording as long as we are having fun. Probably hit Europe for a week next year and then record the new album late next year or early 2007…as for that else do we do well myself and Adrian are a part of Sentinel Records label and mailorder and we have just opened a shop in Templebar in Dublin, I also write for Irelands only metal magazine Metalworks so we are quite busy besides Mourning Beloveth. Adrian is also part of a concert agency

Does any one of you participate in any side-projects?

Darren: Yeah Frank does vocals in a band called Old Season, I was the vocalist in their previous incarnation as Karnayna. They have just released their first cd, you should check it out

Your album covers say that all the music and lyrics are by Mourning Beloveth. However, Jack D. Ripper (Morgul) thinks that it’s hard to work in band where everyone contributes to the creative process: ‘If you have three or four guys making a piece of music and everyone wants to get their point across, you're gonna have a mess. And where there is different opinions there is always compromise and I hate making compromises. A compromise is just a weaker version of the original idea. So it's very hard to have a complete band where everyone contributes.’

As a band where presumably everyone is involved, what do you think about compromises? Do you often get into such situations where you have to find a way out through sacrificing someone’s ideas?

Darren : Well I think the quote you have there maybe allows too much of an ego in a band for anyone to work together, I don’t know. We know each other so long and we know what we want from the music that when a song is written w e know if it is good enough or not and we work on it until it is the best we can get it. We all have our strong points and our weak points and everything just seems to work. I remember the recording sessions for A Murderous Circus when Markus the engineer was amazed that Brian and Frank could swap over playing each others parts if one was better at it than the other…it is not about compromise, it is about knowing and doing what you are good at. Also the fact that each of us bring certain things to the songs and without each individual part it would not be the same song so it would be hard for us to break down who wrote the song…..

A primitive question but nonetheless I’m curious to know: will you play live in Russia if you have an opportunity?

Darren: Oh we would love to play Russia, friends of ours Cruachan play there regularly and say it is an amazing place………………

All stories have a beginning and an end, so has a career. Suppose there is a band that after living for many-many creatively, but not financially successful years eventually has to quit. What do you think they would feel, seeing that they have been more or less well known and respected and they have written their page in the music history; however, knowing that now they would have to change their lives completely and in order to survive they’d probably have to forget about their past success, for it will not help anyway.

Darren: I think they would not forget their past, instead have it as an everlasting good memory, also the band have created something that they have enjoyed themselves and found out more about life in the meantime. I don’t think any period spent creatively is a waste and I think creativity continues throughout ones life in one form or another

So far this is it with the questions. Thank you very much for this interview. Last but not the least, would you like to say something to the readers of Thydoom?

Darren: Hey bring us to Russia…

Questions by Demona and the Master
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