Falkenbach - Interview (october, anno 2004) (Интервю Eng)
Hello, Vratyas! My first question about your last album. What does the last album mean to you personally?

The last album does mean the same to me as every other album or demo. All the songs created under the banner of Falkenbach dohave the same value to me, there is no more or less important album, song or what so ever.

And can you please decipher the word Falkenbach for us?

The word Falkenbach consists of two german words, Falke (Falcon) and Bach (brook).
It is neither the name of a place, nor of a person I know, nevertheless it contains a deep meaning for me that should remain a personal thing and is not meant to be told to the public.

Vratyas, what makes you create music and texts? What feelings and emotion do you portray?

Well, inspiration itself is the only inspiration of Falkenbach and myself. I do not try to portray my own feelings, but religious aspects, traditions and aspects of western and northern Germanic cultures only. This is the only thing that is worth to be connected to Falkenbach, and Falkenbach does exist to convey those topics.

Are you planning to release a new album?

Yes, I do. At the moment it’s not sure how this album will look like, there are a couple of ways to handle it this time as there is far than enough material ready. But I cannot tell you right now when to expect the new release, probably some when in 2005.

Vratyas, do you personally have a place in your country or perhaps abroad from where you derive the feelings or emotions, which later help you to form songs and texts?

No. To me places are no inspiration, as well as moods are no inspiration. The things Falkenbach is all about, mentioned earlier before already are the only inspiration.

The music of Falkenbach sounds professional, due to this a question: do you have any education connected to music?

No, I never had any lessons on guitar, keyboard or any other instrument. And to be honest I do not even practice too often, just because I am not interested in becoming better.

Do you suppose that it is easier for a young band to record a demo or debut now, or it was simpler at those times when Falkenbach appeared?

To record a demo today is without any doubt much easier than is was let’s say 10 years ago. Now you can record material on your computer, and a simple 8-track-recorder is much cheaper then it was back then. When Falkenbach started, a small 4-track-recorder did cost hell of money, even more an 8-tracker. Today it´s easy to record music. Also studios are now much cheaper, and there are so many of them…

Tell us a bit about your label please.

It is a small label I run since a couple of years now. Main reasons for me to run Skaldic Art are my will to support outstanding young bands that combine musical skills and attitude, and to give them a fair chance to realise their artistic visions as perfect as possible. It is not a commercial label, and there is no benefit in the end. All the money I earn with Skaldic Art is re-invested in the bands always. More information at www.SkaldicArt.de .

Death is the end, or just a passage to something else. Does this subject have a reflection in the works of Falkenbach?

As everyone who reads the lyrics of Falkenbach can see, it does indeed influence the topics.

A tricky question: a suicide—is it a deed of a strong-willed person or of a weak one?

Such things should get more attention before giving an answer on it. It depends on the circumstances I guess.

Are you a superstitious person? What’s your attitude to all sorts of magic stuff? Ever practiced anything like that?

To be superstitious to me means to believe in stupid little stuffs. Other people probably could call me a superstitious person, in my opinion I am not. What to me may be honest religious aspects, to others may seem like a superstitious behaviour.

Is there a country which you definitely want to visit? And if there is then why do you want visit it?

Not at all. The only place I love to visit from time to time is Laboe due to a familiar background.

Comparing Iceland and Germany, where you live now, where was it more comfortable for your soul?

A question based on rumours that I do not use to answer since a couple of years…and to be honest far too personal as well.

Nietzsche said that Christianity is the lot of the weak and the losers. Do you agree with this statement?

No, I do not think so. Christianity proved that it is able to be strong and tyrannical. Who ever may think so should remember what Christianity did to the people once.

Any final comments, wishes, or just words for our readers?

As always, thanx from the very depths of my heart to all those who supported Falkenbach throughout all those years. And good luck for ThyDoom.com

The ThyDoom team, and me personally would like to thank you for this interview and wish you best of luck in everything as well as strength to go

Interviewer - Akim
Написал - Zlomrak
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