Interview - Daemonicium (Интервю Eng)
Hailz to Daemonicium! Lets start our interview. Firstly, please, introduce yourself.

Hi! I’m Venthruel and I’m a drummer, and Myst, the vocalists.

Could you tell us a bit about band’s staff and when did you meet each other?

Venthruel: The staff was set up to current form in May 2003. From the firs line up there’s only Myst and I. For long time, about seven years since the band was created, we couldn’t set up staff, mainly because of misunderstandings of the way that we want to Daemonicium go, incompetence and personal causes. Anyway, the first stabile staff was sets up in 1999, when the guitarist Noctis and the bassist Lysy were joined us. With them we recorded in 2001 our first demo CD “Lord of Moon”. After this recording session Lysy left us, and after a year of searching people joined us Hagne on keyboards, and then in May 2003 Randy left the band Herjalf and joined us as a bass player. Since this date we started true work as a band. Through almost 8 years there were so many people in Daemonicium that I couldn’t remember everyone.
Myst: Hahaha! But I think that the troubles with staff has not to be solved yet!

As far as I know all great bands have difficulties with the staff… Anyway the next question is who was the initiator of your project?

Venthruel: An idea to create a band was born in my and Myst’s minds about 1996. First there was name – “Daemonicium” – and then we tell about our idea to our school mate, which plays something on guitar. On first practices he bring with him his mate, which plays on bass. And that’s the story started…

Why did you call your band this name? And what do you want to express by Daemonicium?

Myst: This name was my idea. “Daemonicium” is the ritual to call an ancient spirits, which gives to us inspiration and true happiness from playing music that we love.

What aim did you pursue founding the band then?

Venthruel: We wanted to be filthy rich and famous, hahahaha! And seriously, we love to create and play music, standing on the stage in full lights and give people something from us! You know, this is incredible when you see all these people joining with your music! That’s it!

What do you want people to find in your music? What do you want to tell them by your music and lyrics?

Venthruel: I think that everyone can find something in our music, and this is very individual thing for each one. But personally I want that people because of our music starts to look into depths of their minds, and found there all these filings that they almost forget in their common lives, and to make them, just for this short moment, to try to live with these filings.

Myst: By my lyrics I’m trying to tell people about the nightmares of our lives. I mean that I’m writing about a common people that are involved in uncommon things. Like the character from our newest album “Through Time and Death” – he was an ordinary man, who meet a vampire maiden. She gives him an immortal life, but left him with his burning love. This is the story about everyone of us, because everyone need to love, and to be loved. That is the nightmare – life without you beloved one.

Tell us please about the released material of the band, I mean the demo Lord of Moon and full album Through Time and Death…

Venthruel: The music on “Lord of Moon” was created all by me. This album should be recorded at last three years earlier. We cannot record this album when the material was created, because lack of musicians in Daemonicium. This is a very good stuff, a little simple in form, but we will be working on it again and re record it. “Through Time and Death” was the stuff we working on it with the whole band through a year. It contains six very huge songs, a very melodic black metal, with choirs and great drums section. Everything on this album was worked to perfection – many different vocals, many tempo changes and over all – the power of melody and feelings.

Myst: And in opposite to “Lord of Moon” the lyrics are not about war, paganism and the other stuff. Like I said before, this is the story about love, a great, immortal love that can bring a man to madness and suicide. This is the story about the dark beliefs in which that man slowly fades to do something with his running thoughts. A story about love and madness…

Your thoughts about the commercial part of music…

Venthruel: This is truly difficult question. I think that excluding bands created with pursue of making commercial music, every other band sooner or later is condemned to commerce. I mean the modern meaning of word “commerce” – not a shitty music, but music that gives you fame and fortune. And every music is somewhere popular and can give you money and fame. For me personally this is very stooped because the word “commerce” itself is taken wrong by peoples: people likes good stuff and when something you doing good you must spent a lot of time to do it, and when you giving you time, you don’t have an opportunity to make money in other ways, so the music is becoming your work in the same way commercial like to be a car mechanic or lawyer. And it’s not an easy job.

Castle Party Festival 2004. What was it for Daemonicium?

Venthruel: Castle Party is the biggest dark independent music festival in this part of Europe. This was a huge promotion to our band. We count on it very much. We play as a first band in first day of festival but we have a big number of people that came to listen to our music. After this gig we have a very good reviews in polish and foreign music magazines. This is very important to promote the band. Besides, Castle Party is not a metal music festival, so we are happy two times more that we have such great reviews! And to play on one festival with Project Pitchfork, Deine Lakaien and Suicide Commando is huge promotion itself!

What is Daemonicium’s ambition, the most cherished wish?

Venthruel:Our best wish…? That to the end of our music adventure we can get so very big pleasure from playing as until today!

What is the most important thing in terms of promotion for your band?

Venthruel: I think that that are mainly concerts. We just love to play gigs and feel the peoples emotions. I think that playing concerts is the best way to peoples.

What is music for you personally?

Myst: Music is whole my life! I cannot life without it. I listen to music wherever I am and whatever I’m doing. I hate silence! Music is very important in my life, and I can say, that it helps me to live my life as a man. I know that rest of Daemonicium thinks the same way.

How do you all spend your free time?

Venthruel: I don’t have too much free time, but when it is, I’m trying to compose new melodies or I’m just surfing on the Internet or watching films. I’m very normal guy, hahaha! Sometimes we meet a whole band together in a pub or in someone’s home and we… just having a good time, hahahaha!

Any final words?

Daemonicium: Thanks for standing until end of this interview hahaha!!! Great hails to all true metal fans, our fans and friends, see you on gigs!

Interviewer - Akim
Написал - Zlomrak
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