Hellhammer - interview (29.09.2004) (Интервю Eng)
I think, talking about this extravetous man will take hours. You can talk to him, and you will never reach the end of discussion. His musical portfolio consists of such great bands as Mayhem, The Kovenant, Arcturus, and Winds. ThyDoom.com magazine proud to bring to your attention an interview with the most professional drummer in the world metal scene – Jan Axel Von Blomberg / Hellhammer

Hi, Jan Axel. How is it going? Are you very busy these days?

Let’s start with general achievements in music. From everything that you had done in this domain, what was the most important for you? What are you especially proud of?

I am especially proud of the fact that I play metal music yet I don’t play with the typical metal style of playing, I always try to do things more original and incorporate a lot of other styles as well into that.

Participating in a number of bands, how do you actually manage to do everything? Does it happen so, that on the same day you have to rehears with Arcturus, and to see Mayhem, and of course not to deprive Winds of your attention? Do you have a schedule? And how do you manage to remain mentally stable considering that wild diversity?

There are many times that I’ve had to rehearse with different bands on the same day. I’ve also played festivals with more than one band on the same day, like at the Dynamo festival where I played with Kovenant first and then with Mayhem right after. It has never been a problem for me to be mentally stable in any way.

Winter 2005 is going to be marked with a release of a new album from The Kovenant, and what about Arcturus? When should we anticipate the new album?

I don’t know if you were aware of it but I actually don’t play in The Kovenant anymore. Arcturus however is going into the studio next year.

Please list all the bands you play in now.

Mayhem, Winds and Arcturus are my main bands. Age of Silence and Circle of Chaos are also bands I play in on the side.

What did you remember most from your visit to Russia?

What I remember the most is that we were at the best hotel in Moscow, but there was no hot water and the furniture looked like it was from a flea market. But the fans were really cool.

My traditional question to all musicians. And I am especially interested in your answer…Tell us please about your instruments. How many drum kits do you have, what brand do you use and why? Keeping in mind your enormous experience in the field of percussions, explain please, which instruments do you consider the best and why? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

The kit I’m very proud of is my one of a kind kit that was especially built for me by Pearl. The specs are 8, 10, 12, 13 and 14 square sized toms and three kick drums with 8 and 10 ply birch shells with carbon fiber inner plies. I also have a Yamaha kit, a Roland V-Drum kit, and many other extra snares and other gear. I don’t think there are any disadvantages with these kits or else I would probably not have bought them in the first place. I only play on drums I am 100% satisfied with. As far as cymbals I am sponsored by Sabian, which are the best cymbals I have ever played. I must especially mention the HHX series as well as my trusted old 22 inch leopard ride. There is another thing I can’t live without and that is of course my Axis pedals. They are the best crafted pedals on the planet, they have the best playing control of any pedals known to man, and the people who work there are the coolest people in the business.

Except for yourself, whom would you point out as the best drummer nowadays? And of the past?

It is impossible to point out the best, but my personal heroes, past and present, are Dave Weckel, Billy Cobbhan, Dennis Chambers, Nicko McBrain, Neil Pert and Gene Hogland.

Do you continue to polish your skills? As it is known there is always room for improvement…

Of course I do. As long as you are still interested in the art of drumming then it’s just a pleasure to rehearse and explore new techniques and ways of improving yourself.

Do you remember your very first rehearsal? How old were you then and what was the band’s name?

There was no name because the band had not been named yet. I was 13 years old and the drum kit I played on was an Aria 5 piece set that belonged to the school.

Can you describe the process of a rehearsal? Do you choose the drum-parts on your own, that is do you consider the opinion of your band-mates when it comes to choosing the parts?

At the end it’s always the drummer that has the final say when it comes to drum parts, but of course the other musicians are more than welcome to come with their suggestions.

This question is about your everyday life! So, could you please describe one of your usual days.

Drumming, Playstation, weightlifting, and eating good food.

Many musicians produce their own video schools. Did you release anything like that?

No, but I give drum lessons and hold seminars and master classes. I have actually considered releasing a video, which I might do at a later time.

And finally the last question: A couple of days ago I came across an article dwelling up on the racial question in connection with Extreme Metal. The author came to the conclusion that the metal world is for the whites only; thus, it is inherently superior to ethnic minorities and he also states that they, meaning the minorities, are initially classified as inferior both musically and racially. Now, thinking about the present day scenes, do you share that opinion; that is do you believe that metal is superior to any other genre? And another question is how do you feel about non-white fans of black metal, for example?

As long as the music is good I don’t think any genre of music is superior to another. I don’t give a crap if the fans are white, black green yellow or blue. For me music and politics don’t go hand in hand.

I would like to thank you for this interview. I hope that this is not the last one, though. We wish all the best to you in terms of professionalism as well as just luck!

Interviewer - Akim
Написал - Zlomrak
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