Blackcrowned (Rus) interview by BattleGrim (Интервю Eng)
I would like to present a new interview, which seems to be one of the first ones, if not the very first, to be held with the new, but already acclaimed russian band— Blackcrowned! The questions were answered by the leader—Radonalis.

BattleGrim: Hello, Radonalis! Could you please introduce the band? Who plays what instrument?

Radonalis: The backbone of the band is formed by a three: by me, I play guitar and sing, by Derenil—our bass guitar player, and the drummer—Roman Pankov.

BattleGrim: What do you sing about? Which topics are close to you?

Radonalis: I am interested in quite a lot of things and almost everything is reflected in the lyrics. But the central theme are the beliefs of ancient Scandinavians, their sagas and legends. This is the central point not only of my texts but of my perception of the world.

BattleGrim: Your drummer is Roman "Yanardakh" Pankov. Tell us please how did it happen that he is in your line up?

Radonalis: My…I see that this question tortures quite a lot of people! Oh, well! After continuous searches of a suitable drummer, I was advised to work with Roman. I called him and invited him to be our session drummer and to help us during the record session for our album. He agreed and during the very first rehearsal it became obvious that he was the one that I had been looking for! At the same time, he enjoyed the atmosphere of our band and after several rehearsals he became a full-time participant of our band. By the way, he is really against the nickname, since it was thrust upon him while playing with Rossomahaar. So we have no Yanardakh in our band.

BattleGrim: I have quite a trivial question. Every different source gives a different spelling of your band’s name. So, what is the right version: Blackcrowned or Black Crowned?

Radonalis: Everyone was confused by the posters for the concert of Vader. That was exactly the place where the word was divided since we couldn’t make up our minds about the name. The right variant is Blackcrowned, however! This name has a deeper and more profound meaning as well as it reflects better the essence of our work.

BattleGrim: I know that this is not your first music project. Before that you played with Nergal that did not really manifest itself and later on just spit up. What has happened to it anyway?

Radonalis: we have recorded a demo—Assault Of Heaven (2002) and relaxed. We did not have an opportunity to record an album, and actually I started to lose interest towards our music. New ideas appeared but I could not incarnate them in Nergal. Our drummer was taken to the army. So, I just started working with the new material. I must admit, I did not want to produce it under the old name, because Blackcrowned is a band with completely different ideas and opinions. Thus the death of one project gave birth to another.

BattleGrim: Is Nergal going to be resurrected or is it buried forever?

Radonalis: I don’t think it shall reappear. This will demand a lot of strength and time and I have neither of this for Nergal.

BattleGrim: On the contrary to Negal, Blackcrowned gave a series of concerts. First it was a gig with Polish Vader, then with Hypocrisy. Usually, the support bands of such eminent guests get quite a lot of attention from gig-organizers, labels, etc. Did you receive any interesting propositions?

Radonalis: Yes. We have received one very tempting offer, but I’d like to keep it a secret for now. If all goes well, everything will be announced as soon as possible.

BattleGrim: I have seen the gig with Hypocrisy this summer, in particular the one where you have been the support band. I have had the impression that half-naked with a guitar atilt you looked exactly like on the logo of R-club. In connection to this comes the next question: did you pose for that logo?

Radonalis: You are not the first one who compares me to that logo. You see, I didn’t play guitar at the time this logo appeared, so it’s not me!

BattleGrim: In one of the online-shops I have seen a concert bootleg on sale. It consisted of 5 songs recorded during your gig with Hypocrisy. Is it an official bootleg or the band has nothing to do with this?

Radonalis: Now you are the first one! What a news! No, we have no idea about his. It seems that someone is just trying to make a little money using us.

BattleGrim: Speaking of music. How is it going with the new stuff? Perhaps, the listeners should anticipate a release of a debut?

Radonalis: Yes, this is going to happen quite soon. At this point our first album is completely recorded and we just have to mix and master it and that’s it!

BattleGrim: Tell us about the band’s plans for the nearest future.

Radonalis: the nearest plans are connected with the release of our album. Of course, we would like to have a deal with a label, which would handle the things properly. And of course lots and lost of gigs for supporting our release.

BattleGrim: Thank you! We shall follow the news then and wait for the new release and gigs. And finally, would you wish something to the readers?

Radonalis: Not to be mislead! Doubt is the first step towards the truth.

Interview by BattleGrim
Translation by DEMONA.
Написал - Zlomrak
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