"Helheim" Interview (fall, anno 2004) (Интервю Eng)
Hails to you Hrymr. How’s life is going? Didn’t tired from all this questions and interviews?

-Hey, no problem, all of us answer different interviews so that none of us will really get tired from it.

Lets start from the very beginning. Helheim. Why she? Why exactly this representative of the Scandinavian mythology?

-Well, first of all, there is a great difference between Hel, the godess and her realm Helheim. Helheim is the realm of the dead that did not die honourably in battle or equivalent.

A few words about band history. What the band have now in compare with first years of its existence?

-Helheim has been around since ‘92-93 and has become a mature and well defined band with a unique and special sound. We have yet only released four full lenghts and a MCD, but have another MCD and album on the stairs. There are five of us, Hrymr (me) on drums and programming, V’gandr on the bass, Hgrimnir and Thorbjoern on the guitars, and Lindheim oon Keyboards and programming. I feel when playing today that we are one of the better live acts in the scene and that we have evolved tremendously as musicians since the beginning, nothing else to expect really, twelve years of hard work as a band will eventually pay off.

In general, what is about your music and lyrics? And what is in the base of the band lyrics?

-It has mostly been about norse mythology and the deeds of brave vikings. But this is sort of changing, we will on our next album sing about the norse and old death cults, they are really something special and should gain some attention through our lyrics and musical moods.

Helheim has a video from Blod og Ild album. Is it based on Scandinavian mythology?

- Yes it is, mostly it is just a viking sort of video from the norwegian woods and fjords. But there is also some sequences hinting towards the norse mythology, especially if you listen to the lyrics and give them an interpretation. “Two beasts were born”…

What was the most interesting thing while shooting?

-Ofcourse the experience is great, we all learned from it. It took a lot of energy, it was REALLY cold out there in the forests, and we had to work with lights and smoke machines and several cameras. I think I mostly enjoyed the scene with the huge fire due to the great pictures I fell we got from it.

What is the last news for today from Helheim?

- Well, it must be the new album we plan to release, I hope midst of next year already. It will really, really be a great concept album. I think we will break some barriers, both musically and conceptually. We have also just obtained a new rehearsing room; and they rejoiced. I think this will contribute to an even more inspired and energic music.

You’ve given lots of gigs and tours, what experience you’ve got from it? What interesting things did you remember?

- I simply love it. In the beginning most of the gigs were planned and arranged by record companies, nowadays you got to do most of the work yourself, this has sort of been a hard transition for us. I believe my best gig remebrance must be thi years norwegian Inferno festival, it was a good concert. I have lots of really good live experiences, but the experiences that really stick are the ones where things fuck up, either because of the live crew, or because you make som mistakes yourself, and I am not going to rip up those here…

Do you still remember your first rehearsal with Helheim?

- Yes, definitely. It was while we still went to school, we managed to borrow a room in the school during the evenings. I had a shitty, really SHITTY, drumkit, and we just tried to string some stuff together. We definitely sucked majorly.

How do you think, what is the most important thing for the band?

- The most important thing is a proffesional attitude toward rehearsing. Without that, you have no chance. Every rehearsal has to be fucking hard bith physically and mentally. We challenge ourselves all the time. Secondly I think it is very important with a good social attitude. It is important to take some beers together after rehearsal, or similar.

My traditional question to all musicians: What kind of drums and cymbals you are using, why do you choose concretely this type? Tell us about its positive and negative side.

- This is of course based on what you can find in your local store. I use a couple of UFIP hand created 17’ and 19’ crashes, a China-Ride (as a crashride and a Zildjan standard China). I sort of like to split my cymbal use into dirty (the two chinas) and floating (the two UFIPs). My drumkit is a Drumworkshop kit, short toms, the toms just kick ass, you just can’t get better depth and a the same time attack as these. I have four toms, 8’, 10’, 12’ and 16’, I enjoy playing fast, and therefore need some smaller drums (they still sound thick and heavy). I have a pair DW pedals, thay are quite heavy, but work really good for both single strokes and tremolo due to that. Drumsticks are just a marvel, I still, after 15 years of drumming, keep looking for the perfect type.

What music did you listen to in your childhood and what kinds of music do you like now?

- I first discovered metal through Carcass, they were just lovely, I still today can’t get enough of Necroticism. I never really enjoyed Kiss, W.A.S.P and similar, but started early loving Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. In BM and DM there are of course lots of great band, and especially the first Emperor realease still gives me the creeps today. I think I still listen to many of these bands today, but have brothened my taste and can today enjoy various music in lots of genres. Still my heart definitely lies in metal, but I think it is damn important to get inspiration from elsewhere as well.

Do you have any interests in life apart from music?

- Hehe, of course I do, I like women, would be a shame not to…

In the end I want to thank you from all the Thy Doom Team for this interview. Any final words from you to Helheims fans and readers of Thy Doom.

- Nope, I think I have said enough.

Interviewer - Akim
Написал - Zlomrak
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