Winds Interview (Интервю Eng)
Hi Andy. How are you today?

Hi Akim! I’m great and ready to go.

First of all I want to ask you about the band. What is the last news for today?

Well, basically we just returned home from recording drums for a new album. We’re already way into the process of that even though we just released “The Imaginary Direction of Time.” We’re always ahead with songwriting and we’ve had new material ready for quite some time.

The last album “The Imaginary Direction Of Time”, what do you think about it? Is it uncovered all the things you wanted to say and what is conception of the album in general?

I speak for the whole band when I say we are very pleased with how that album turned out, in fact I could not be more happy with it, and even though there are always going to be things you would have done differently had you done the album today in stead of six months ago, it’s still a perfect representation of what we were going for at the time.

Andy, once I saw an interview where you were saying that the lyrics of Winds is of aspects of existentialism, philosophy and global problems. Why do you use these topics as a base for what you write and what inspires you to write lyrics in general?

I don’t remember saying anything about global problems but it’s definitely related to existentialism and philosophy. I couldn’t really tell you why I write about this other than to say that I write about the things that are on my mind and what I feel is right for Winds. It also needs to be mentioned that while existentialism and philosophy are underlying themes in the lyrics, the lyrics also portray a story and they are not at all directly preaching certain philosophies. I’m inspired to write lyrics by the things that I think about and it’s not something that I can really explain.
Is the time for reading included in your strict day schedule? It looks like you are a very well educated and well-read person if I go by the lyrics of Winds.

I’m glad I managed to trick everyone. No, I’m just kidding. Seriously, I think that someone doesn’t necessarily need to be well educated or even well read to have meaningful thoughts about existence and philosophy. But the idea is that for me, as many philosophers were, I’m also more concerned and caught up in contemplating over existential and philosophical questions than I think your average person is. My schedule these days does not allow any time for reading or even listening to music apart from my own work, but the main thing is not what I do or have time to do with my spare time, it’s about what I make of it in my own mind and what’s important for me as a person.

Why did you call your band Winds? What is it behind this name?

This is a long story that’s been told many times elsewhere, but the main reason is that it fits the music and it’s something that we felt was suitable for a band that plays the kind of music we play.

Undoubtedly, all members of Winds are professionals with a huge experience, but can it (let’s assume it just in theory) happen that sometimes you get stuck while writing a new composition so the whole line up is thinking hard how to find the way out?

With the music this is extremely rare because we usually have the ideas figured out when we start to compose the music. Sometimes we will also just start composing and the music comes relatively easy to us most of the time. But when I write lyrics it’s a different matter, then it happens all the time.

When new album will see the light?

“The Imaginary Direction of Time” is out worldwide right now. If you’re thinking of the next one that we just started working on, that’s too early to know yet. Right now all our focus is on letting people know about the album we just released.

What kind of keyboard you are using, why do you chose concretely this type? Tell us about its positive and negative side.

On the last record I didn’t use any keyboards at all. I like Bosendorfer pianos because they have the best tone in my opinion. The model I prefer is the 290 because it is the biggest concert grand piano that they have.

Well, now I’d like to ask you to prepare you imagination just for a tiny bit! What band (existing or existed, or maybe never existed) would you choose to play in live, if you were offered such an opportunity?

I’ve been asked to join several bands that play live but I have not been interested in it because I can’t fit it into my schedule and I don’t really want to do a lot of traveling since I already do quite a bit of traveling when we record.

What kind of music did you listen to in your childhood? Could you trace how your musical preferences changed with the time?

When I was a teenager I liked everything from Metallica to Michael Jackson. I was never a metal head, I always liked classical music, and for a while I listened to some heavier stuff but mostly my musical tastes have always been very diverse. I can appreciate all kinds of music regardless of genre if it’s done well.

You were a kid when you started playing a piano. Why did you give it up? And why after trying many different instruments you returned to the one you have started with?

The reason for this was I guess because when you are young you don’t always have the motivation or foresight to know what you will want to do with your future. This is why kids drop out of school and that’s why I quit music lessons, and because I had other interests. I play many instruments but it’s just a tool for getting the music across. When I composed material for the new Winds album I would compose for guitars and strings just as much as piano.

Could you tell us a bit what are your main interests in life apart from music? Any hobbies?

I have no life outside of music as it’s kind of like a full time job. I like to go see movies or go for walks to clear my mind when I’m stressed out but mostly I spend all day sitting inside a room in my house working with something related to music in some form or another.

Thank you a lot for your time and patience to answer these questions. Any final words to the readers of Thy Doom.

Thanks for the support and we hope you like our album!

The Interview wastaken by Akim
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