Sometimes surfing the Internet you can find some interesting acts. Like Maldivian melodic death metal band Nothnegal. They are of course just beginners now, but everybody has started sometimes. So let them speak now and tell a little bit, who they are. Ahmed Hilarl, guitarist and leader of the band, answered the questions.

Q - Hello, you’re new band to us, so tell at first, how long do you play metal music and why did you decide to form a band?
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DEZPERADOZ: Sense for everybody

Lucky: Do you wear such hats (like on promo photos and on stage) in your normal life?
Alex: Sometimes. Maybe every day in a few years, when my hair's gone :)

Lucky: What is a bigger adventure in your musical life, shows or studio work?
Alex: Both, if your eyes are open the whole life is an adventure. If you are a real musician you have a adventure in all of your work.

Lucky: Many musicians say that music is a JOB, like many other kinds of jobs. Why for you it’s an adventure? What does it mean “adventure” for you?
Alex: Oh, for sure it's a job with lots of hard working, but the adventure in music is to find the spirit of situations, of different people and their minds, different cultures and religions, colors of beliefs. You need all of that if you want to write songs with a deep thoughtfulness. That’s adventure for me. I try to be a hobby-historian for this job, so it's perfect and interesting in my western-style music with the stories on my records to.

Lucky: What do you think, music is just entertainment? Or something more?
Alex: Music was the first kind of communication, long before languages. Its the better way to to describe in detail a story directly to your mind. Much, much more than entertainment.
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Hello! It would be an inexcusable mistake not to congratulate you with the release of your new album therefore this is what I am going to do now. So I’ve got a question of this matter – what fo you feel after all this hard work with the new songs and within the studio is finished and soon all your fans will be able to get into new long-expected effort of yours?

It feels great that the record is ready to be released now. We've been working so goddamned hard in the studio and really put in alot of time to the band this last year. We're workoholics when it comes to our band, we try to stay on top of all things and just keep the hard work upgoing. It feels great that all the fans, pretty soon, will get the album in their hands and listen to it, and for us it will be cool to see what everyone has to say about it. All the reviews I've seen so far has been amazing and that feels really good.

Before I started to manage questions for this interview, I had listened to the promo of “Love And Other Disasters”. Well, it obviously and logically continues the line, started by “Only Inhuman” – actually, it is released just a year after that one. Does that mean this new work includes all the unused material from the previous or does this similarity emerge from the fact you’ve found your own niche in which you’re going to stay in future?

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Hi, Zac! Congratulations about your first DVD! Definitely this DVD was expected very much - all the same Tarot is one of the oldest and authoritative Finnish bands.
Thank you, it was really expected for fans and the band itself.

At first tell us please what gig was assumed as a basis for this DVD, how has it been recorded and I am particularly very interested to know who was the author of the artwork of the Undead Indeed concept. I liked the idea very much, it evokes recollection about Metalocalypse cartoon. By the way, have you seen it?
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Lucky: In your career you changed labels twice. Why did it happen? How is it going with label now?

Niclas: It’s going great now. We started on a small label that grew bigger and tried major label and kind of went back to a small label that grew a lot bigger, which is a lot better for us now. And our label has been growing along with the band so they understand where we come from.

Lucky: Lets talk a little bit about
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On Sauna Open Air festival I met Rainer Nygard from DIABLO. What is Sauna Open Air? - Big and really nice metal festival in Tampere, Finland, holded every year in June. What is Diablo? - one of the great Finnish bands, they play since 1990, and did some number of great shows, including with Metallica, and this year they released admirable album "Icaros". Check it out, and check our interesting talk with Rainer:

Simple story about ordinary guy

Lucky: How did Diablo become such famous band? What’s your secret? Can you say that after some special day you woke up famous?
Rainer Nygard: It takes a lot of hard work. That’s basic and simple story behind our success in Finland. But in 1999 there was a kind of situation to do something to our music. We cut off some parts of songs which are not necessary, you know. We produced our material. We woke up and set ourselves that we have to do something, because there was so progressive stuff at that time. We started to make songs in more simple way. That was a big step for us. After that we just concentrated on making better songs for every record.

Lucky: What does mean “better” for you?
Rainer: We tried to overtop ourselves, you know… The song is a big big picture. There are lyrics, and a feeling, and notes, and riffs, and so on. We tried to make better songs, which we like best. We don’t think about audience, about people who buy our records, we only think about ourselves. That is that
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So now the second SAHG's album is out, one more worth buying release. This Norwegian outfit was formed by already known musicians, and history of the band so far is rich and full of tours, so the interview with Olav Iversen, SAHG singer and guitarist, might be interesting. Enjoy.

Norway is a great place to call home

Musicians of SAHG have played one style of music, now you play another... Is it possible that once you will play glam-rock?
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Bass-player from the heart

Interview with Gamma Ray has been my dream. Actually, it's always extremely interesting to speak with such experienced musicians on different themes, and this talk wasn't the exception. Thanks to SPV and Ute H. Kromrey, I met Dirk before the concert in Tampere, Finland (10.12.2007), and as backstage area was a bit small, we went to the tour bus.

Lucky: So, how is the tour going?
Dirk: Very
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Italian Folk/Power Metal act ELVENKING has nowadays very interesting time - they celebrated 10th Anniversary and released 4th album. Damna, the vocalist of the band, answered few our questions.

You have changed quite much since the beginning of your music career. What do you think now about fantasy, Tolkien, elves and so on? Or you have to keep your roots because you have this band name?
  We have always been fascinated by fantasy and especially its dark side. Personally I still read fantasy books apart from the classics, when they deliver original and interesting stories. Of course in our first days we were very influenced by fantasy stuff for the lyrics, nowadays we have moved our interests a bit, also because we just couldn’t repeat ourselves and talk about the same things all the time.
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Just a few days after the last tour the questions were sent to the Bass of Sonic Syndicate, Karin Axelsson, and here is our short but valuable interview now.
First question – so, how are you after the big tour? What are impressions? Did something interesting happen?

Just got home yesterday and it feels good to be back home to meet our families, boyfriend and girlfriends again.

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06 октября клуб ХО -  Evil Not Alone, Medulla, DeepRessiЯ!Музыкальный лейбл Life Music представляет:  Можно сказать , что 6 октября Октябрь будет жарким! Тяжелый раскат гитар, мощные рифы и мелодии! Потрясающие текста и просто драйв! Вот что вас ждет 6 октября в клубе «ХО». Не пропускайте такое событие ибо специально для вас группа Evil Not Alone исполнит свои лучшие шлягеры и новинки! Вам не даст просто стоять на месте со своими хитами группа Medulla. И не оставит Вас равнодушными к лирики и современному звучанию группа DeepRessiЯ. 6 октября вас ждет весьма зажигательный и драйвовый вечер в клубе «ХО» Приходите, тусите о отрывайтесь по полной!

Эvadam  Grabar - осенний тур по Украине

В сентябре - октябре 2011 в поддержку дебютного сингла,Эvadam Grabar стартует с концертным туром по Украине, который захватит Харьков, Донецк, Симферополь, Днепропетровск, Киев и Львов.

9 октября 2011 клуб «Plan B» Фактор Страха и Театр Теней!

9 октября 2011 года в клубе «Plan B» ты можешь окунутся в мир метала и тяжелой музыки! Только 9 октября для тебя выступят группы как ФАКТОР СТРАХА и ТЕАТР ТЕНЕЙ!!! Только 9 октября ты сможете услышать все хиты и главное новые мощные и сочные композиции! Так же музыкальный лейбл Life Music  готовит для тебя массы сюрпризов!!!

Главное – следите за новостями!!!

Концерт пройдет в рамках знаменитого фестиваля "Планета Железяка"!


В концерте принимают участие группы:

18 июня группа ЛЕГИОН в клубе "Шоколадная фабрика"

Всем Фанатам группы ЛЕГИОН, и просто любителям тяжелой музыки посвящается!  18 июня в клубе «Шоколадная фабрика»  группа ЛЕГИОН специально для Вас даст свой последний в этом сезоне концерт! Специально для Вас группа исполнит  свои новинки и конечно свои же хиты! Все это в полноценном сете!!! И это еще не все!  Для Вас в подарок – эксклюзивный плакат группы и обязательно - автограф сессия с группой ЛЕГИОН!



Группа HACKMESSER и клуб ROCK HOUSE представляют самые интересные и перспективные группы прошедшего года на первом уникальном фестивале HACKMESSER FEST!

В фестивале участвуют:






15, 16, 17 июля байк фест IRON FEOREST-3!!!

Зачем торчать в городе летом? Приходите, а если есть мотоцикл то приезжайте на байк-рок фестиваль "Iron Forest III" 15 июля, 16 июля и 17 июля 2011 года. Третий фестиваль проводимый Байк клубами Красногорска а именно Blacksmiths MS RussiaNorthwest Brothers MCC Krasnogorsk и Музыкальным Лэйблом LIFE MUSIC!

Приходите и приезжайте к нам на все три дня! Вас ждут выступления множества интересных групп, среди которых такие группы как:








Crowbar - "Sever the Wicked Hand" 20111. Isolation (Desperation
2. Sever the Wicked Hand
3. Liquid Sky and Cold Black Earth
4. Let Me Mourn
5. The Cemetery Angels
6. As I Become One
7. A Farewell to Misery
8. Protectors of the Shrine
9. I Only Deal in Truth
10. Echo an Eternity
11. Cleanse Me, Heal Me
12. Symbiosis
Дефицит настоящего stoner doom metal возникший при всем богатстве медлительных композиторов России стал очевиден, когда украинские братья (один из которых поминался всуе при рецензировании ambient проекта Voida) силами продвинутой троицы вынесли на суд слушателей, после многочисленных концертных выступлений – во всяком случае, мне они попадались на афишах с завидной регулярностью – свой первый альбом.
The Sisterhood - "Gift" 19861. Jihad
2. Colours
3. Giving Ground
4. Finland Red, Egypt White
5. Rain From Heaven
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